We are a highly qualified team of professionals experienced in every aspect of concrete restoration and masonry repairs for several facilities including High-Rise buildings, Commercial and institutional buildings and parking facilities. Our services include:

• Concrete restoration and repairs
• Post tension systems repair and protection
• Exposed rebar / corrosion control
• Removal, repair and replacement of structural repairs
• Columns, beams and slabs repair
• Concrete crack control and repair including epoxy injection
• Expansion joints replacement
• Waterproofing
• Exterior painting
• Protection coating

Click here to view pictures of the following projects:

  • SOLIMAR CONDOMINIUM - Restoration, Structural repairs, Waterproofing
  • GABLES CLUB - P.T. Cable repairs
  • GABLES CLUB - Exterior Painting towers I and II
  • 1000 VENETIAN - Structural repairs, restoration and waterproofing
  • COMMODORE CLUB CONDOMINIUM - Concrete restoration
  • BAL HARBOUR 101 - P.T. Cable repairs – Concrete restoration and structural repairs
  • YACHT CLUB at PORTOFINO - Restoration and Structural repairs
  • UCF - PEGASUS LANDING - Restoration, Mold remediation, exterior painting
  • OCEAN CLUB at KEY BISCAYNE - Restoration, roof replacement, waterproofing